Rubinetterie Bresciane

Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi was founded in 1901. We are an ever evolving company offering the newest solutions and always renewing its passion: the constant research and development in the market of water and gas supply and district heating have allowed us to widen our product offer to create the broadest range of plumbing press systems and push systems (multilayer, stainless steel, carbon steel, cupronichel), 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Behind each product, an accurate work of research, projecting, manufacturing and testing is guaranteed by means of special technologically advanced tools, in order to offer new satisfying solutions to our customers.

We are a growing business in our sector and our entire product range meets the international quality standards completely. In fact we are one of the few Italian companies to have an integrated management system according to standards ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system), ISO 45001 (workers safety and health management system), and ISO 50001 (energy management system).